Craig Kelly | AfricaXP - Founder and CEO

Craig has over 25 years experience in African media as a director, producer and media entrepreneur having been pioneer of quality low cost African television production in the 90s and of rich media mobile services as these service emerged over the last 15 years. He is an Economics graduate and then attended The London Film School and has since worked in the UK, Mexico and over 20 African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, the DRC and Madagascar. He has founded numerous African media businesses including the pan African production company Porcupine Africa; Pulse Africa Television - a multinational TV channel based in Tanzania as well as Africa Media Management – a media distribution, content development and broadcast platform consulting company. In 2012 Craig founded AfricaXP a television network that has developed over 20 “owned and operated” thematic linear TV channels. These are customised for different markets and distributed worldwide as well as on AfricaXP’s own broadcast platforms such as the “Premium.Free” - a free to air satellite and OTT platform launched in 2018. Craig speaks French to the Alliance Française level three competency measure and he has worked with French-speaking crews and has enjoyed conducting production training in French in counties like the DRC.