Thomas Mandlmeier | Deutsche Welle - Senior International Project Manager

Deutsche Welle
Thomas Mandlmeier heads the Eco Team at DW (Deutsche Welle) in Berlin, Germany. Launched in 2016 as a weekly English production, over time Eco Africa has been expanded to include versions in several other languages. In 2018 Eco India was added to the line-up. It is produced in English and Hindi. These environment programs have strengthened DW's regionalized content viewed on linear and non-linear platforms. With partnerships in Nigeria, Senegal, Mozambique and Uganda, Eco Africa has substantially increased its viewership on the continent. His interest in nature, sports and cultures outside his native Germany began in childhood. He actively participated in team sports like basketball while in school and he spent part of his youth in Eastern Africa. More than anything else, Mandlmeier enjoys seeing people get excited about the things he’s passionate about. Addressing environmental issues is one of them. "I really love working with my African colleagues. We learn and discover so much by sharing information about what can or should be done to keep our planet safe.” Mandlmeier and his Eco team are currently working with regional partners to develop an Eco Africa edition in Hausa and an Eco India edition in Tamil. Thomas Mandlmeier has long been committed to working in cooperation with African broadcasters. He also has a lot of experience in the field filing and producing reports focused on the issue of climate change as well as sports documentaries.